UPDATED 5th September 2020


Due to COVID, there are some changes that you will see that are different to what you might have experienced in our previous races. These plans comform to current Government and UKA  race organiser’s guidance to provide a COVID-secure environmant, but may be liable to change if guidance changes. The changes are necessary due to the need to maintain social distancing between runners, marshals, timekeepers etc, to minimise the number of people on site at any one time, and to minimise items being passed between race staff and runners.

The aim is that we provide a race that is safe for you as competitors, safe for our marshals and volunteers, and safe for the public.

You MUST download and read the full Runners Code of Conduct from the link above as it contains all the details

These include:

Runner conduct

You and any spectators must NOT attend the event if:

  1. You have had any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days. Such as a high temperature, a new, continuous cough, a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

  2. You have been in contact with anyone who is sick in the past 14 days.

  3. You have been advised by NHS track and trace that you may have been in contact with someone with COVID-19

  4. You have travelled within the past 14 days to any international location where you are required to quarantine on your return to UK.

You and any spectators are also advised not to attend if you fall into a Covid High Risk group.

Please be aware that the contact information given on entering the race may now also be shared with NHS Test and Trace if required


Face Masks (not simply face coverings such as buffs) need to be worn at all times except when racing: you must carry it with you whilst racing. This is to protect personnel if attending to you during the race, and you will also need to wear it in the finish funnel to protect race volunteers.


Please bring your own hand sanitiser and carry it with you


Social distancing

Social distancing must be maintained at all times. We are likely to use floor markers and a one-way system to help with this.

Although the venue does have a large grassy area where social distancing can more easily be maintained, after the race, you are encouraged to leave sooner than you might usually, to minimise the number of people at the race venue. Please consider visiting local fooderies to support them.

Overtake only when social distancing can be maintained. You will need to warn the runner ahead that you are about to overtake.

Do not slipstream the runner in front

No Snot rockets / Hawking up please!


Please remember that some areas are busier with general public visitors, in particular the Falls area. It is not only vital for safety that the same social distancing measures are observed when passing members of the public, but also the conduct of runners will impact on the public and landowner’s perception of runners in general and the viability of the race in future years


Event format, course changes and timings

You will be given a strict timeslot for registration.

At registration you will be given an envelope that contains your bib, safety pins, and t-shirt. You will not be able to swap t-shirts if you don’t like the size. Please bring your own pen to fill in relevant emergency contact and medical details on the back of the bib, we encourage you to return to your vehicle to do this if you can. The envelopes have been prepared >72 hours before the race and then not touched until race day.

There will be no kit drop or place to leave bags – please leave them in the car. The carpark is next to the race start/finish area. Please return to your car if you need to wait until your wave starts

The pre-race briefing will be by online video only. The only race briefing on the day will be for any urgent announcements. We may send out announcements by text message, so please ensure your mobile phone number you provided when you entered is correct.

Wave starts (6 people 1 minute apart) will be used, which will be based on the estimated finish time that you provided, with the fastest going off first. Your finish time will be based on when your individual wave starts. If you are late for your wave start you will need to wait until the last wave goes off as it is difficult to slot you in elsewhere, but your time will still be taken from the time you should have started.

We are likely to have less marshals available compared to previous years. Whilst we put a large number of signs out, you will need to be less reliant on marshals to tell you the route, and some ability to navigate is likely to be needed. If you are able to do so, a course recce beforehand is always a good idea.

Course change

The loop. Due to the Falls area being a busier part of the course, the potential for ‘pinch points’ in the area previously described as ‘the Loop’, we have made the decision to omit this stretch from the race course this year. Whilst this is a difficult decision to have made because this is one of our favourite views of the course, we feel that for this year it is the right thing to do. If you would like to still include this loop then you are free to do so, but we would urge you to remember there will be no marshals present at the waters edge, distance should be maintained from general public and other runners, and care should be taken as it can be slippery. Competitive runners are advised to omit this section. No time allowances will be given for those that do want to visit the Falls loop.

Feed stations

Water/coke only on feed stations (No food provided). You must carry any food that you need.

You need to bring your own cup/bottle. Whatever you bring needs to be capable of standing up by itself so you can place it on the table then step 2m away from it while the marshal fills the cup/bottle. Some of the flexible plastic “runners” cups and soft-flasks may not stand up by themselves and so cannot be refilled at feed stations.

We cannot fill camelbaks/hydration packs.

You will not be able to throw away rubbish at feed stations.

The procedure at feed stations will be slower than usual. You may need to wait for water, and therefore may prefer to ensure you bring enough fluids with you for the entire race



Spectator are allowed under the following circumstances:

  • They drop you off at race HQ, and collect you afterwards, but do not stay at race HQ themselves. They should stay in the car whilst you register and collect you bib, and then leave after you have started. They cannot watch the start/finish

  • They can position themselves around the course. Social distancing should be followed and they should not form crowds. Please park responsibly.

  • For this year, spectators are allowed to act as your support crew and provide food/water if desired.

  • Spectator presence would also mean that in the event of retirement, the runner has easy access to transport home. Please ensure you inform race HQ that you have retired


Medical cover is provided by SMRT. However, in the event of an emergency incident, runners should be aware that:

  • It will take longer for SMRT to reach casualties than previously if evacuation is required (time taken for full PPE donning procedures)

  • There can be no mouth to mouth resuscitation (cardiac compressions and other procedures unchanged)


Abandoning the race

In the case of abandoning the race (whether through injury or withdrawal), you will need to be self-reliant for transfer back to HQ (eg via family, friends or taxi). SMRT and MaD Races are unable to offer a pick up service due to Covid measures. Only those who are in need of medical attention and are unable to mobilise can be transported by SMRT.


Results are unlikely to be available on race day, but we aim to get results out as soon as possible over the following day or so. This is due to the added complexities of the wave starts on top of the two distances of races.

There will be no prize giving. We may award 1st-3rd overall on the day, if this can be reliably worked out from the timings, but cannot guaranteed.

We will only award 1st place in age groups, and we will post out prizes after the race.

Because we are using wave starts, your position across the line will not be your final finish position. The person you just beat crossing the line may have run faster than you if they set off in a later wave.

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