Hopefully we have answered most of your questions below. If not, or if you want to know anything else, please email us at carol@madraces.co.uk or click here to contact us via our website. There are no stupid questions, and we’d rather you ask than spend time worrying about something. We all started somewhere!

Entering and refunds etc

How do I enter?

See the specific race pages for the “enter here” button. This will take you to the SiEntires website.

Do you accept entries on the day?

Sorry, but no. Entries need to be in before the closing date to allow us to order sufficient T-shirts, food, etc, and also print up start lists etc for races day.

T-shirt sizes

All our T-shirts are unisex fitting. We usually have a few extra sizes available, so if your size doesn’t fit, let us know when you collect it – but please don’t make it sweaty. No one wants a sweaty T-shirt!


Can I defer my entry?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer deferrals. If you are unable to race, you can request a refund, drop down a distance, or transfer your number to a friend. This has to be done within the time frames outlined below. Alternatively, we’d love it if you volunteer to marshal, and in return we will give you a free entry to another event (which is a bit like deferring entry or getting a refund anyway!)



We start to incur costs as soon as you have entered. If you cancel, you can obtain a 75% refund up until 12 weeks before the event. From 12 to 4 weeks before the event, you can get a 50% refund. After that, no refunds are possible as all costs will have been incurred. For further details see our Terms and Conditions. The amount retained by MaD Races includes a £5 administration fee and covers credit card processing fees. If you are unable to attend because you have COVID infection we will issue a refund minus 10% to cover credit card processing fees. We will need proof of a positive lateral flow/PCR (eg via NHS app) in order to process the refund.


Transfer of number

If you wish to transfer your number to another runner for whatever reason, you can do this via the SiEntries website. This can usually be done up until around 4-7 days before the day of the race (eg Sunday race, all changes need to have been made by midnight Tuesday). The exact date will be specified on the SiEntries event page. No transfer of number is possible on race day as all start lists and checkpoint lists will have been produced and distributed to marshals.


Can I change distance?

If there is still space available, you can usually change distance anytime up until 4-7 days before the day of the race (eg Sunday race, all changes need to have been made by midnight Tuesday). The exact date will be specified on the SiEntries event page. You can manage this via the SiEntries website, but will need to pay the extra entry fee if moving up a distance. We will not be able to issue a refund if dropping down a distance. No change of distance is possible on race day as all start lists and checkpoint lists will have been produced and distributed to marshals.


How many runners are accepted for each distance?

We set a maximum number of runners in each event (totaled from both distances where there are both long and short courses). This is to ensure that we don’t have too many competitors running one distance, as any more than this may be detrimental to the farms and areas through which we run. Please see individual event for details.

Do you have a minimum age?

You need to be 18 or older to take part in our races.

What does our entry fee cover?

Providing a well organised, safe race involves covering costs of :

  • T shirts

  • Trophies

  • Signs for course marking and other equipment

  • Provision of communications in areas with poor phone signal

  • Marshal costs

  • Medical cover

  • Transporting equipment to/from/around the course

  • Race HQ/venue hire

  • Liability insurance

  • Race numbers

  • Feed stations

  • Processing fees incurred to SiEntries and for credit card payments

  • A £1 donation per runner to the local National Park/National Trail and other charitable organisations such as Mountain Rescue Teams, who support the areas we run in

When will we have more details about future races?

We are currently working on other races. Sign up here to be the first to hear about details.

Race Day

Mandatory kit list

This is dependent on whether you are running the long or short route. See individual events for full details. You are advised to wear and take additional clothing appropriate for the weather forecast. Kit will be spot-checked at registration or at random points along the course. If you do not have the mandatory kit, you will not be allowed to race.

The minimum mandatory kit is as follows:

Long route
  • Hat/buff and gloves

  • Waterproof jacket with taped seams

  • Minimum 500mls water (you do not have to finish with 500mls of water still remaining)

  • Cup for drink stations or water bottle

  • Energy bar

  • Whistle

  • Route map/instructions and compass (phone-based compass is fine providing it is fully charged)

  • Foil blanket (bivvy bag meets this requirement)

  • Mobile phone


Short route

The following are mandatory items

  • Route map/instructions

  • Mobile phone

  • Cup for drink stations or water bottle

Short course runners are also advised to carry the clothing/food listed under "long route" depending on weather.

Race rules

These are listed on the event page. Please ensure you are familiar with them.

Adverse weather

We may need to upgrade the minimum kit list depending on the weather forecast. We may also need to amend the course at short notice depending on weather and course conditions. We won’t be sending anyone up onto the tops of the moors in zero visibility! Unfortunately, weather is beyond our control. In the very rare event that adverse weather presents a safety risk that cannot be reduced, we may be left with no choice but to cancel the race. We will take the advice of eg the local mountain rescue team before taking this step. In the event of such cancellation, we will endeavour to provide partial refunds accounting for costs incurred.

Trail or road shoes?

Most of our routes are on bridleways and footpaths, over mixed terrain. Whilst there are usually a few short sections on minor roads, most of the route is off-road with potential to be wet, rocky, muddy or slippery. We use trail rather than road shoes, but ultimately its your choice.

Can I run with my dog?

As our Trail Races have a permit from the Trail Running Association, they are held under UKA rules which do not permit dogs in races. In addition, many of our courses run through active farming areas where livestock is present. It is therefore not possible to run with your dog, even on a lead. Please remember that the continued running of our events year on year is dependent on the good will of the local community and as such there can be no negotiation on this point.

What do you provide at feed stations?

In line with many other races, will be "cupless" at checkpoints, so please bring your own cup.

We provide things like flapjacks, jelly babies, crackers/crisps and dried fruit. If you have allergies, we can usually provide information from the product label if you email us in advance. However, we would ideally recommend that you carry your own food or energy supplies and use feed stations as an additional resource only.

Are refreshments available at Race HQ?

This depends on the event. Please see the individual race for details.

Prize categories

We generally award prizes for each distance for 1st, 2nd and 3rd male and female in the following categories:

  • Overall

  • Age 18-39

  • V40

  • V50

  • V60 etc

In line with many races, the overall race winners are removed from age group results, and we “roll down” the 1-3rd place AG trophies.

How is the race timed?

Competitors are timed according "gun time". We do not have chip timing. If you feel you are in with a chance of winning something, we suggest you start towards the front and stand next to your arch rival! 

Is there a cut-off time?

Most of our races have a cut-off time. These are relatively generous. This is to ensure the safety of both the runners and the marshals, who have to be out on the course until the last runner passes. If you arrive at a checkpoint after the cut-off time, you will be withdrawn from the race. The cut-off times are given in the individual race details.

What happens if i turn up late?

If arrive late at an event, you may, at the discretion of the race director, start the race. However you will have deemed to start at the “gun time” of the event, and no adjustments  will be made to your recorded time, or time limits that apply. You will not be entitled to a refund if you fail to register or start by the timelines provided in the pre-race information.

What medical cover do you provide?

The exact cover depends on the event. For instance, the Falls and Castle Race medical cover is provided by Swaledale Mountain Rescue Team. However, trail running, by its very nature, takes place in areas that may be less accessible. All runners should exert caution and be mindful that they are in an area where it may not be possible to receive an emergency response or first aid within a time period associated with more populated areas.

Can I use MP3 players/headphones?

Headphones/MP3 players are not permitted, so as not to impede hearing other road users/pedestrians and marshal instructions. To avoid any confusion, disagreement or controversy on race day “Aftershokz” style of headphones are also not allowed.

Retiring from the race

If you need to retire mid-race, you must either inform the next checkpoint marshal, or ring the race contact number that will be provided in pre-race information. This means we don’t send mountain rescue out to look for you, wasting time, money, and effort, if you have gone home without telling anyone!