Wensleydale Railway Falls & Castle Trail Race ‘Special’


We are delighted that our Sponsors and Friends at Wensleydale Railway are offering help with travel to the Falls & Castle Trail Race.

The railway, which originated in 1847, has assumed many roles in its life span, from transporting farming produce, quarried materials and even military vehicles through to its current guise as a tourist and heritage line.

It runs from Leeming Bar to Redmire station, with additional stops at Bedale, Finghall, and Leyburn. The journey takes 1 hour from Leeming Bar, and offers amazing views and a memorable experience: far more exciting than bringing the car! Redmire station is less than a 1 mile walk from Bolton Castle Race HQ, again with beautiful views of the Dales.












Wensleydale Railway are offering to lay on a Falls & Castle Trail Race ‘Special’ specifically to transport runners and supporters of the event. This will provide a ‘Park and Ride’ option from Leeming Bar, Bedale and Leyburn stations, with the train timed to coincide with the first race registration.


Departure times are as follows:

  • Leeming Bar 7am,

  • 7.08 from Bedale,

  • 7.24 from Finghall,

  • 7.42 from Leyburn,

  • arriving Redmire at 8.00am.


Runners can return on any of the scheduled services with the same ticket (leaving at 11am, 13.50pm and 17.05pm).


Return fares will be £10 for adults and £1 for under 16 year olds. If you are travelling from this direction then using the Wensleydale Railway train is not only better for the environment and car parking, but would also add to the overall memories you will take away from the day.


You can buy tickets from here www.wensleydalerail.com/future-events/#mr

Return Tickets for scheduled services will also be available for the same price. These tickets can be bought on the day. Runners should note that scheduled outbound services commence too late to reach registration and the start of racing. However these are ideal services for supporters coming out to watch the later stages of the race.